What are the benefits of a solid timber worktop?

Author: Claire

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Are you thinking of having your kitchen redesigned? There are so many choices to be made! Will you go for the traditional kitchen look or a sleek, contemporary handless kitchen design? Take a look at our kitchen collections here or, better still, pop into the Price Kitchens showroom for a good look around and all the professional advice you could wish for.

Of course, the choice of worktop is integral to your decision about the style and functionality of your new kitchen. While there’s a wide selection of materials available, let’s focus on the benefits of one of our clients’ perennial favourites: timber worktops.

There are many advantages of investing in a solid wood worktop, both for traditional and contemporary kitchen designs. The wooden aesthetic can completely transform the overall look of your kitchen and provide a touch of rusticity that is unfussy, functional, attractive and hard wearing.

Unique beauty

No two pieces of wood are the same since the grain on every worktop is unique. This means that each worktop has its own natural beauty and character, making it a very versatile choice for all kitchen colours and styles.

Timeless choice

Solid timber is a time honoured material that’s been around for ages and that is never likely to go out of style in the kitchen, or elsewhere in the home. There’s simply nothing that can beat the natural warmth of real wood to create a homely, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Enduring appeal

Natural timber worktops are a superb option for the long term and possibly the only surface that will get better with age! As the natural colour of the wood deepens is gains in character and patina, keeping its personality and continuing to look fantastic.

Easy to maintain

Solid timber worktops can be sanded down, filled, polished and resealed or reoiled. From scratches and stains to dents and chips, imperfections and defects are easily fixed – a huge advantage compared to stone or laminate surfaces.

Robust and durable

Timber worktops are very strong. The natural integrity of the wood and the way the worktops are constructed means that they can take an awful lot of weight and pressure – unlike some other worktop materials. Wood is easy to work with and can be cut, shaped and fitted with ease.

Antibacterial properties

As a naturally hygienic surface, solid timber is a great solution for kitchen environments where antibacterial properties are highly desirable. Once sealed after installation, your worktop will be impervious, so nothing passes through to the wood.

Sound absorbing

Compared to hard surfaces such as marble, granite or Corian worktops, wood is less dense and less hard. Place something on a timber worktop and a lot of the sound is absorbed, making it kinder on the ears than harsh stone.

Cheaper than you think

Different types of timber come with different price tags attached, though most hover in the mid-range. Whatever your requirements, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a beautiful wooden worktop to fit your budget.

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