Things to Remember with Renovation

Author: PriceK

Planning a kitchen renovation? Remember to think long and hard about the purpose and design of your kitchen. Once it has been designed and fitted, there is no going back! Here are a few tips for good kitchen design.

Young Children? Height Appropriation!
For snacks and foodstuffs designed for children, make sure it is within easy reach. Low hanging cabinets and low shelves are perfect for holding the kids’ snacks and dishes. If your children are microwave-savvy it might also be good to place it in an easy-to-reach spot as microwaves are heavy and can cause a pretty big injury if they fall from a surface.

Decorate Sparingly
It is all very well to have intricately designed mirrors and props hanging on the wall, particularly if you’re a fan of the typical ‘three ducks’ wall ornament, however take care!

If you’re planning on using your kitchen to regularly cook a wide variety of meals, these ornaments will only gather dust and get in the way. They’ll do better off in the dining room!


Consider getting a dry erase whiteboard for the fridge or clipped up near the phone. It is really useful for writing down quick phone messages or for remembering to grab a few spare recipe ingredients! Or you could buy a magnet notepad where you can tear pages off to do the weekly shop with!

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