Throw away your unused appliances

Author: Kerri

What is the phrase we use for an item that hasn’t been used in a long time? ‘Gathering dust’. If you have any utensils or kitchenware that seems to be ‘gathering dust’ then maybe it is time to have a clear out! Everybody buys gadgets and gimmicks that seem like a great idea at the time, but in reality are not often used more than once every trimester. Why not free up some space in your kitchen by having a look at what you do and don’t use on a regular basis.

Take No Prisoners!

Your home has a finite amount of space and anything that isn’t getting regular use is often taking up more space than it should be.

Look through your cabinets and cupboards to find utensils and gadgets (electric whisks, milkshake makers, and the like) that have barely been seen outside of their box and throw them out!

If you’re really unsure however, give it one last chance

If you’d forgotten about a utensil or appliance, take it out of the box, put it on the side and see if you will use it more often. Give it a month or two and after that if you have not used it more than a few times then it is time to let it go. The tired, cluttered look of your kitchen depends on it!

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