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At Price Kitchens we are always looking for helpful hints and tips that will make cooking and preparing meals easier and faster, leaving you with more time to enjoy your cooking! Over the years we’ve picked up a few tips and sharing is caring! Here are a few things we’ve found really help to save time!

Non-stick Spray
When grating cheese, before you start simply spray the grater with a non-stick spray as it will make both grating and cleaning easier.

Peeling Bananas
Two tips rolled into one! Try mashing bananas inside their peels! This makes less of a mess and saves time! Also make sure to peel the banana the opposite way from the stem!

So pick the top off and then peel down, simple!

Keep the Skin!
Planning on cooking some homemade potato wedges? Save time by simply slicing them instead of peeling the potatoes.

They crisp up nicely, add an extra layer of flavour to the wedges and their skins are also packed with nutrients!

Cook in Bulk!

Always make more than you need. This saves time and effort in the long run as you can freeze the large meal in portions to simply be reheated when you need a quick meal.

Plus you meals will last longer this way!

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