Tips for Cooking Chicken

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A good old chicken roast is a classic favourite for many households, but there can be times when the chicken is dry, the breast is overcooked and the whole thing just looks a mess. Follow these top tips to getting a beautifully roasted chicken without having to stress too much over the little details!

No Time to Brine

If you haven’t the time to brine your chicken simply generously salt the chicken inside and out about an hour before cooking. Then pat it dry and roast it, ensuring a crispy skin and tender meat.

Homemade Roasting Rack

Instead of using a normal roasting rack, slice an onion thickly and place it in an oiled pan then lay the chicken on top. While it is cooking the onion will absorb the juice of the chicken. You can then make a fantastic onion and chicken gravy from the onion slices and some stock!

Separate your Chicken

Chicken breasts take less time to cook than the legs do, so to avoid drying out your breast, separate the chicken and then simply take the breast out of the oven earlier than the legs!

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