Tips for ‘Eating Clean’

Author: PriceK

‘Eating Clean’ is the phrase used when you want to avoid processed and refined foods and you want to try more natural options. However in this modern day of using preservatives to ensure the long life of various foods, as well as packet and microwaveable meals, is it really that easy to ‘Eat Clean’?

Fresh is Best!
Try buying fresh fruit and vegetables instead of tinned or frozen ones. If you have a local market, have a browse around especially if they are home grown.

Modern day large scale farms use pesticides to protect their crop, but small time farmers tend to avoid these.

Your fresh fruits and vegetables may look a little smaller or out of shape, but that is a true sign that they have been grown as nature intended.



Sounds a Little Fishy to Me
Many meats are high in saturated fats and these are good, in small amounts. Fish however, is normally rich in natural oils and these oils are great for your hair, skin and nails. Try swapping to fish as a healthy alternative to red or white meat. And no, that doesn’t mean ‘fish and chips’.

Another great tip is to cut down on your salt and sugar intake! Many processed meals and meats already contain salt as a preservative, so don’t add any more! Also flavoured yoghurts, smoothies, juice drinks etc. also have sugar or sweeteners added to improve the taste. Take note of everything in the ingredients! You may find your salt and sugar intake is far higher than you originally thought!

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