Tips for Creating a More Functional Kitchen in 2022


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One of the leading trends for 2022 is an increased need for functionality and storage, to make the kitchen work for your lifestyle. But how do you create a space that’s stylish but still has substance? These are our top tips for creating a functional kitchen for 2022 and beyond.

Pantry storage

Storage is one of the elements we all want more of in our homes, and with the changing cooking habits that we developed over the pandemic, the need for more space has topped the list for kitchen desirables. In particular, buyers want more storage in their kitchens, whether that’s in the form of hidden storage, walk-in pantries or floor-to-ceiling larder units which make use of vertical space.

If you’re someone who enjoys trying out the latest kitchen gadgets and appliances, or you have a busy household and could do with a more practical hub of the home, reconsidering how you make use of space by installing more storage could be a great way to make your kitchen more functional for the new year.

Sink workstations

Arguably one of the most-used areas of the home, sinks are set to have an upgrade in 2022. What the past 18 months have taught us is that we need areas of our home to be flexible and able to serve multiple functions. The kitchen sink is no exception, with many people switching out their existing sinks and replacing them with double sinks that can be used for simultaneous tasks like prepping food, washing dishes or soaking clothes.

Workstation sinks are another alternative, which feature built-in ledges for dish racks or cutting boards for extra productivity. Being able to use different areas of your kitchen in multiple ways, even something as unassuming as a sink can make your kitchen a more versatile area of your home.

Smart appliances

Internet connected appliances are finding their way into more and more kitchens, for a variety of reasons. Not only do they add a contemporary edge to your kitchen and modernise it, but they also create a more functional and convenient area of your property that works for you.

With busy lifestyles and constant juggling of different priorities, being able to maintain appliances from any location or set them to work to your specific requirements can really help with the day-to-day running of a home. Whether it’s preheating the oven before you arrive home, being alerted to timers wherever you are or having appliances serviced without the need for a technician, smart appliances are becoming increasingly popular.

Larger work surfaces

When you have more space to work in the kitchen, you can cook more efficiently. So, if your goal is to create a more practical kitchen, your worktops should be high on the list. You want your work surfaces to be free from clutter and appliances, keeping only the essentials to hand, so you have plenty of room for preparing food and cooking.

It can also help to create a system that works for the realities of cooking, such as putting your rubbish bin underneath your surfaces or at the end of your worktop, so you can simply push waste into the bin without needing to transfer it from one area of the kitchen to the other. Staying organised is much easier if you have everything in its place.

Key takeaways

In 2022, the goal for our kitchens will be more space, more convenience and greater flexibility for the features of our home. We want our appliances and fixtures to do double duty and perform multiple functions to make kitchens more practical for our lifestyles.

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