Tips for Frozen Food

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Good organisation is crucial when it comes to having what you need, when you need it. Here at Price Kitchens we understand the importance of good design and good organisation and that is why we have some helpful hints for putting your freezer to good use when it comes to preparing meals.

Frozen Herbs

Herbs can make a great addition to any dish, so to keep them fresher for longer, freeze them in sealable bags, then simply chop off what you need. They need no defrosting as they’ll defrost the instant they hit a hot pot or pan.

Partially Freeze Meat

Raw meats can prove awkward to cut, even with a razor sharp knife, so if you put them in the freezer for around ten minutes they’ll stiffen up and will be easier to cut.

Defrosting Meat

Frozen meat is great to preserve the flavour, but when you need to defrost meat quickly, you can do it by placing it under a cold running tap or by placing it on an aluminium tray or skillet. The tray will draw heat from the surrounding environment and transfer this to the frozen meat faster than a wood or stone countertop and you save water by using this method!

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