Tips on increasing light levels in your kitchen

Author: PriceK

It can be difficult to provide extra light into a darkened kitchen, however applying general design techniques can greatly increase light levels without having to fork out on expensive home modifications. Take a look at some of our top tips at increasing light levels in your kitchen designs!

Mirror, Mirror

One great way of cheating light levels is to use a set of small mirrors or by having reflective surfaces. The surfaces will reflect the light already present, making your whole kitchen appear brighter! No more worrying about knocking large windows into the side of your home!

Standing Lamps

Standing lamps can be a great way to add a bit of extra light to any room, but you will need to be careful about choosing a lamp with a lampshade as it can retain grease from cooking.

A good set of naked bulbs or even faux candles would work wonders!


What is better than a bit of natural light? Obviously this is entirely dependent on the structure of your home design, however a nice skylight will add a bit of welcome light into your kitchen without having to worry about lost space.

Small Spotlights

Several smaller lights will appear brighter than a single large light. Spotlights can be used to good effect in clusters of six to eight and are easily affixed to the ceiling.

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