Too Many Mugs; Clearing out your Kitchen

Author: PriceK

Many of us will get together for a spring cleaning every now and then, making sure that the kitchen is spick and span from top to bottom. But how many of us actually use that spring cleaning time to have a clear out as well? Mugs are a good example of having too much of a good thing; they make easy presents, you are bound to get at least one a year and you will definitely have more than one favourite. Be harsh! It is time to clear out!


Unless you are a frequent party host, chances are you have far too much cutlery in your drawers. Allocate enough for a large family, perhaps seven or eight (unless your home family is larger) and then dispose of or give away the excess. Now there is less to wash up!


Likewise with plates, bowls, mugs and glasses. Too many wine glasses? Tea mugs cluttering up your space? Chipped plates you ‘just can’t bear to throw away’? Grit your teeth and do it! Your kitchen will thank you!


How often have you used that blender really? Some kitchen appliances we absolutely cannot do without, whereas others are little more than gimmicks or appliances to accompany fad diets. Give it a month or two and if you haven’t used it in that time, chuck it!

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