Upcycling for your Kitchen

Author: PriceK

The trend for “upcycling” is huge right now. Partly as a result of the economic situation and partly as a result of the fact that it’s a lot of fun, turning old everyday items into quirky and useful “new” items has become a hit with homeowners of all ages. So here we run through some of our favourite upcycling suggestions to get creative in the kitchen.


The possibilities with old metal cutlery are almost limitless. With a little bit of Uri Geller style spoon bending (or you may wish to use a hammer and tongs) you can come up with all manner of useful kitchen and dining room kit from old bits of cutlery. For example, forks can make excellent placecard holders to go round the dinner table, sliding your card between the spokes of the fork and bending the other end into a semi circle to make it freestanding.

Another fun use for old cutlery is to turn them into hooks and handles for use across the home. Simply bend the metal into the desired hook shape and attach the flat end to a door or wall using strong bonding metal glue. You can use a pair of pliers to help bend the cutlery in the manner you wish, although be aware this obviously won’t work with more heavy duty knives, forks and spoons.

Old Kitchen Unit Doors

If you’ve recently replaced the unit doors in your kitchen don’t be too hasty in throwing the old ones away. More ornate and shaker style cupboard doors can be repurposed into a handy kitchen noticeboard. Simply replace the inner segment with a piece of slate for a blackboard or use cork for a useful homemade pinboard.


If you’re worried your rusty old frying pan has seen better days then why not take it off the stove and onto the wall? With a little bit of handywork you could turn your frying pan into a hanging wall clock with a difference. A simple clock mechanism is easy and cheap to source, so you just need to take a bit of care attaching this to the old cookware and you’ll have yourself a real talking point timepiece!

No matter what style of kitchen you favour, there’s always room to add your own twist by making use of items you no longer use but can’t bear to throw away. Even the most contemporary modern kitchens can benefit from a little rustic chic and a nod to the styles and gear of yesteryear so why not give it a go yourself and if you’ve any interesting suggestions for creative uses of old kitchen items you’ve found yourself please do share them with us!

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