Using Your Kitchen Space Part 2

Author: PriceK

Following on from our tips last week, at Price Kitchens we are back to help you with more hints and tips on how to keep your kitchen space clear and tidy and ready for anything! Whether you need top of the range appliances or a full new kitchen design, Price Kitchens can help.

Chopping Boards

Have you ever needed a chopping board that is just slightly smaller than average for easy transferral from the counter to the pot? Buy several chopping boards of varying sizes and keep them down the side of any revolving cupboards you may have, or just down the side of a normal cupboard. Their positioning will make it easier for you to simply grab one instead of having to pull them out from underneath everything else.

It also helps to use different chopping boards for meats and vegetable to prevent the spread of salmonella and food poisoning

Hooks and Hangers

A lot of cooking utensils will have a small loop on the handle, so what better way to utilise these than by installing some hooks on the wall above your kitchen? They are out of the way and within easy reach so you can simply grab the tool you need and go. Plus they also double up as a good drying rack after you have washed them.

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