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The kitchen can become a messy war zone of pots, pans, diced vegetables, flours, sauces and everything else under the sun. Although you try desperately to keep everything organised and tidy, chances are that unless you have a hugely spaced kitchen, you will end up making a mess almost every time you try to cook something.

At Price Kitchens with beautiful bespoke kitchens designed specifically for you, including contract and adaptive kitchens, we can help you to design your dream kitchen. Until then, here are a few space saving and time saving tips which may help you out while cooking.

Measuring Tools

It is good to keep all your measuring jugs and spoons in the same area, and try to have more than one of each measuring utensil as you will normally need more than one spoon for example for flour and then oil.

Pots and Pans Lid Drawer

Do you happen to have a spare drawer that is not high enough to fit anything other than cling film and kitchen foil? Why not use it as a lid drawer? You can organise all the lids of your pots and pans by size, this way when you need a lid you won’t have to pull out the entire cupboard searching for one that fits the pan you’re using.

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