Ways to Diffuse Bad Odours in your Kitchen

Author: PriceK

We use the kitchen every day, whether it is to cook a fantastic 3 course meal or to just pop a quick jacket potato in the microwave. The kitchen, be it shaker, traditional or contemporary, is one of the most lived in rooms in the house when you consider how often we as a species need to eat. So at times there can be some residual smells left lurking around the kitchen that are hard to get rid of, and can get quite unpleasant after a while.

So what can be done? There are various professional cleaning tips that you can use to reduce strong and bad odours that lurk about the kitchen, but these can sometimes be very expensive. Using homemade methods is a lot cheaper and can give your kitchen that homely touch.

Coffee Beans

Love the smell of coffee in the morning? Putting a small bowl of coffee beans in your fridge will help it to disperse bad smells in the fridge. You can also make some nice scented bowls by filling them with coffee beans and placing a candle in the centre of each one. Put them in the ‘smelliest’ areas of your kitchen.

Scent Spice Bags

Certain spices have very strong scents; Cinnamon and Lavender for example. By filling small corduroy bags with these and simply tying of the ends, you have made yourself a nice little scent bag which will help keep bad odours at bay.


Surprisingly enough, leaving a bowl of oats near the source of any bad smell will allow the oats to ‘suck up’ the odour, leaving the area completely neutralised.

Lemon Juice and Vinegar also work as ‘all purpose’ odour neutralisers, although personally the smell of vinegar is already pretty bad in my opinion. Make sure to regularly clean your kitchen, as the source of the bad smell may be a mislaid piece of meat or fish hidden behind a worktop. Or perhaps your fridge is not keeping food at the optimum temperature, and you need a new fridge?

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