Ways to Reduce Your Water Usage

Author: PriceK

Nowadays with so much news going around about the importance of being eco-friendly and saving the environment, all it takes is a little effort from each household to help conserve the ecosystem we currently have. Water is a precious commodity, we use it in everyday living and we also need it to live! As well as installing specially designed units in your kitchen that can reduce your water usage, you can follow some simple tips that really help towards your overall consumption. And it will save you money!

Turn off Taps

Make doubly sure to turn off all taps at any time you’re not using the water, and if you have any leaky taps, have them seen by a professional, as it may seem like only a drop here or there, but it soon adds up.

Don’t Over-boil the Kettle

It can be easy to fill up the kettle to the brim when you only want to boil a couple of cups of tea, but this can be extremely wasteful. Only boil as much as you need. When running the tap, if you drink tap water, you can fill the kettle up while you wait for the water to run cold. Alternatively you can always keep a jug of cold water in the fridge so that you don’t always run the tap while waiting for the water to cool.

Reusing Water

You can save the water you use when boiling eggs, or the water taken from your dirty fish tank, and use it to water your plants. This is particularly good for your plants as the water has absorbed the nutrients from the fish and the eggs, and helps your plants to grow.

Washing Food

When washing vegetables before cooking them, try to wash them in a bowl instead of under a running tap. Use the water leftover to water your plants!

With the help of these tips, you might even see a difference in your annual water bill! At first it may seem like a little bit extra unnecessary effort, but if you incorporate these tricks into your routine, it’ll soon become second nature. Why not take some inspiration from the many different options of sinks and taps in our beautiful kitchen designs.

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