Which colour is best for your kitchen?

Author: Claire

There’s never been so much choice when it comes to kitchen schemes. Even without a detailed knowledge of colour psychology, we know that colour affects us in lots of different ways – physically, mentally, emotionally. So which shades should you go for?

Whites and neutrals

If you’re not sure about which kitchen colour to choose, you really can’t go wrong with whites, off-whites or neutral shades. They look and feel clean and hygienic, maximise the light and sense of space in the room, and go with everything. From traditional Shaker styles to high gloss contemporary spaces, choose a brilliant white, soft alabaster or muted taupe to create just the right atmosphere for food preparation and the perfect backdrop for spending time with family and friends. No wonder that white and cream kitchens never seem to go out of fashion.

White and neutral kitchens

Greens and Blues

Bring a touch of nature to your kitchen and choose green or blue – the most harmonious and relaxing colours for the human eye. Whether you go for soft Duck Egg Blue or dark Moss Green, soothing Sage or dramatic Teal, this colour palette works particularly well with classic kitchens and traditional country interiors. Pair with natural materials such as natural stone flooring, solid wood worktops, woven textiles and plenty of plants.

Green and Blue Kitchens

Greys and blacks

For drama and impact, black or grey kitchens can set your home apart from the rest. Black is associated with power and mystery, but also with formality and elegance. In more practical terms, black swallows light – you have been warned. Clever combinations with brown, white or neutral shades will soften the impact and bring more light into the room, while contemporary settings and ‘industrial chic’ room themes work best to bring your space alive with black.

Grey and Black kitchens

Other Colours

Of course, kitchens come in all the colours of the rainbows these days, including vibrant reds, oranges, yellows and even purple. A bright red kitchen can look fantastic if allowed to take centre stage, while yellow and orange are wonderfully stimulating, happy colours that can lift the energy in the whole home. Purple is another bold, contemporary statement colour that can be used to great effect to add personality to your kitchen space.

Other colours

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