Wireless charging using your Corian worktop!

Author: PriceK

In an exciting new development, Counter Production Ltd has partnered with SupaPowa® to bring an integrated wireless charging technology to kitchen worktops such as Corian® worktops, HiMacs® and other solid surface worktops.

What is it and how does it work?

In short it is charging transmitter embedded into the surface of the worktop, which has been discreetly connected to the mains power. For ‘wireless charging ready’ devices all you need to do is place it onto the worktop with the charging transmitter installed and the device will start charging automatically.

Who can use it?

The charging transmitter uses Qi technology which can be used in conjunction with a number of existing smartphones, however not all smartphones are ready. One example of a ‘wireless charging ready’ smartphone is the Samsung Galazy S6 range, however other devices can make good use of the wireless charging transmitter by combining other technologies such as the SupaPowa® Dual Receiver, SupaPowa® Ultra-slim Wireless Charging Receiver Case or SupaPowa® Energy Card for other Samsung devices.

With the recent popularity of wireless technology and the demand for smartphones rising ever higher in the past few years, this looks to be a great nifty new device for kitchen appliances and serves as a great excuse to use those digital cookbooks while baking!

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