Xavier Bonte – A New Style of Kitchen

Author: PriceK

A new ‘kitchen of the future’ has been circulating the press recently, created by designer Xavier Bonte and called ‘The Sky’s The Limit’. It was designed to challenge the shape and aesthetics of modern day kitchens and also to show the general public how much can be achieved in a limited space.

With more and more accommodation being built to sustain a growing population, space is quintessential and often we neglect the size of our kitchen in favour of a larger lounge or recreation room. With ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ we can really see how efficient space management can help to completely redesign kitchens as we know them.

The newly designed kitchen resembles the shape of a cloud and contains a number of fold away cabinets and units that conceal both appliances and kitchen storage space. The unit is made from HI-MACS acrylic stone and features a hob, two sinks, a tap and four drawers. It is designed as a kitchen island and is controlled by electronic remote, hiding away the amenities in an almost seamless fashion.

While it is impressive it may be some few years before we decide to try and implement such a futuristic design into our kitchens and often it is a matter of personal taste. After all, what can beat a traditional, period style kitchen, complete with beautiful historic finishes and accessories?

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