Choosing a kitchen colour

Purple Gloss Kitchen with Island and Breakfast Bar

Choosing the right colour scheme for your kitchen is essential to achieving the desired look and feel in your home. From the colour of the kitchen units to the wall paint, tiles, worktops and flooring, it all needs to come together in perfect harmony.

At Price Kitchens, our extensive colour palettes cater for every personal taste and design preference. From Classic Painted Kitchens to Contemporary Gloss Kitchens, the vast majority of our kitchens come in a range of colour options and can be enhanced with subtle colour variations or bright shades to suit any home.

Before you make a firm decision on your new kitchen, it pays to carefully consider the impact of your chosen colour so that there are no regrets later on. In particular, think about these 4 key factors:

1- Light and space

White Kitchen

How much natural light comes into your kitchen? Is the room flooded with light or poorly lit and gloomy? Are there any windows/doors and how big are they? The amount of natural daylight in the room will hugely influence your colour scheme.

Is your kitchen space large or small? Would you like it to feel brighter and more expansive, or warm and cosy? Lighter colours can be perfect for brightening up a small room and making it seem bigger, while darker colours may draw the room in to make it feel more intimate. To add some colour interest to a small kitchen, try an accent colour on one wall.

Which way does the room face? The quality of the light (as opposed to the quantity) varies depending on the orientation of the room which, in turn, can affect its mood. North-facing kitchens are generally the darkest while south-facing rooms tend to get lots of daylight. East-facing kitchens get the sun in the morning, while west-facing spaces are brightest in the afternoon.

2 – Longevity and value for money

Dante Oak Sage Green

Kitchens are a big investment in your home, so you will want to get many years of enjoyment out of your new design. While colour trends come and go, you may feel that it is wiser to stick with a colour scheme that won’t date quickly.

White kitchens or neutral colours including creams and greys will always stand the test of time, making them a very popular choice. You can team your kitchen with white or stainless steel appliances, adding interest with contrasting worktops or pops of colours in accent walls, tiles or accessories.

If you think neutral kitchens are too unadventurous, try experimenting with subtle pastel shades in sage green, powder blue or pink.

3 – Balance and unity

Grey Gloss Kitchen

When choosing your kitchen colour scheme, don’t just think about the cabinets. The overall visual effect of your new kitchen will be determined by the 4 elements with the largest expanses of colour in the room: kitchen units, worktops, walls, and flooring. Make sure you coordinate these before you start introducing colour elsewhere.

While there are many wonderful combinations of colours, textures and materials to be achieved in a kitchen, don’t be tempted to overdo it. Using too many colours can have a jarring effect, and you may end up with a space that is not restful and not pleasant to spend time in.

Unless you are very sure of your colour combinations or a design expert yourself, it’s best to stick to a palette of one or two colours, possibly with a third complementary accent colour. If you’re not sure about which colours work together, consult a colour wheel or take guidance and advice from our professional kitchen designers.

4 – Inspiration and personality

Avilon Cream Kitchen

Finally, choosing a new kitchen is not all about rational decision making; it touches the heart as well! Your kitchen colour and style should reflect your personality and the style of your home, so ask yourself if you are feeling passionate about the colour scheme and overall design you are about to commit to.

Don’t be afraid to make bold choices. If you’ve always dreamed of having a high-gloss purple kitchen in your home, have the courage to follow your convictions and design the rest of the space around it.

Take inspiration from all around you to help you decide on the right colour scheme including Pinterest, lifestyle magazines and friends’ kitchens to get a feel for what might work in your own kitchen.

Finally, take inspiration from a visit to Price Kitchens’ extensive showroom in South London where you will find a wide range of kitchen designs on display and a friendly, knowledgeable team happy to answer any questions you may have. We are open Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm and Saturday 10 am-3 pm.

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