Heavy Duty Kitchens for Shared Living

Price Kitchens offer a range of heavy duty contract kitchens for shared living properties that integrate sturdy kitchen furnishings and design ideas.

Our heavy duty kitchens concentrate on durability as well as efficiency, with products such as highly durable laminate flooring along with sturdy doors, drawers and framework.

We design our heavy duty contract kitchens to withstand all sorts of damage from constant usage in shared living environments such as long term water damage.

Kitchens are a significant space in any shared living environment as they are regularly occupied by multiple residents at once. They provide the perfect space for communication and discussion.

Kitchens regularly used for cooking, steaming, washing dishes and storage are susceptible to an increased risk of accidental damage over time. Price Kitchens provide contract heavy duty kitchens for the purpose of shared living accommodation, designed to withstand this high level of wear.

We make the most of the toughest materials to provide strong worktops and durable flooring alongside reliable hinges and fixings. To find out more about our experience working on heavy duty kitchens, from design through to supply, get in touch with us today.

The quality of the units and finish of the same is excellent and the service I have received with the additional items required after the main order has been dealt with with fast turnarounds. You also provided technical advice on some of the fittings. I would not hesitate to use Price Kitchens for further projects and also would recommend your services to anyone. Once again thanks for all your assistance.