Classic Wood Look Kitchens

Price Kitchens are proud to supply a wide range of classic wood look kitchens ideal for clients looking at first class design techniques on a budget. From our simple Cornell Blue style with its natural oak finish to our Sheriton Ivory style with curved doors or standard doors to add individuality to your kitchen, we have something suitable for everyone.

Classical kitchens are the embodiment of timeless design pieces that work well in any environment. Our classic wood look kitchens are perfect for adding an extra layer of class to both traditional and modern home design. Our classic wood look kitchens also provide an affordable alternative for clients looking at their perfect kitchen on a budget.

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Price Kitchen provide a fantastic range of Classic Wood Look kitchens designed to suit all properties and budgets. As a family run business with extensive experience assisting clients across the South East of England with choosing their ideal kitchen design, Price Kitchens work extremely hard to ensure complete client satisfaction throughout the entire process. With competitively priced furniture and a special level of attention to detail, we combine beautiful styles and designs to create unique kitchen solutions, suited to you.

Browse through our extensive selection of Classic Wood Look Kitchens below.

Buckingham IvoryBuckinghamWesport-Pippy-Oak-940×473Westport