Contemporary Gloss Kitchens

Contemporary Gloss Kitchens by Price Kitchens are available in a range of colours and styles to suit all property types. With a wide selection of different kitchen designs to choose from, such as our Astro Gloss Dakar and Astro Gloss White styles which create a contemporary kitchen style fit for any modern home, Price Kitchens take pride in what we have to offer our clients.

Contemporary kitchens are inspired by minimalist design techniques, form and functionality, offering modern solutions to storage space, multi-functional cabinets and units and more. Our contemporary gloss kitchen designs contain all the allure of the modern kitchen with an added beautiful gloss finish to bring an extra layer of class to your kitchen design.

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As a family run business, Price Kitchens takes pride in providing a range of contemporary and affordable kitchen solutions to clients across the South East of England. We understand the importance of competitively priced furniture in addition to a high level of attention to detail, so we work together with our clients throughout the entire process to ensure complete satisfaction. With a fantastic selection of Contemporary Gloss kitchens to choose from, find your perfect kitchen with the help of the professional team at Price Kitchens.

Our Contemporary Gloss Kitchens suit a wide range of property styles. Take a look below.

Larissa HandlelessLarissaVico Alabaster GlossLumi Alabaster GlossKeld Cream GlossLumi Cream GlossLumi-Grey_Gloss1Lumi Grey GlossLumi White GlossLumi White GlossOdyssey White GlossOdysseygloss kitchenOdyssey GlossPorter-Matt-WhitePorter – Gloss or MattREMO_Almond_and_Stone_GreyRemo – Paint To OrderRemo_Cashmere_SNRemo CashmereREMO DOVE GREYRemo Dove GreyREMO WHITERemo Whitegloss kitchenSystem CZOLA_CASHMERE_MAIN (700 x 495)Zola Gloss