In Frame Painted Kitchens

Price Kitchens are proud to provide a wide range of in frame painted kitchens to suit all budgets. Choose from our Milton Sage style, with its exquisite mix of wood and granite worktops, available in a creamy green painted finish. Or why not take a look at our 1909 style of painted in frame kitchens available in three different designs and a selection of 24 different colours.

In frame kitchens are the ideal solution to clients who want a kitchen to last a lifetime. Specifically designed with cabinets and units that are in frame, the doors of these cabinets will not drop over time, making them both aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. With our range of in frame painted kitchens, Price Kitchens can help our clients find the perfect new kitchen for your modern or traditional home.

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Price Kitchens are a business specialising in a wide range of kitchen designs, including our In Frame Painted kitchens. From state-of-the-art kitchen design to professional advice and assistance in helping clients across the South East of England choose their perfect kitchen, we take pride in helping you. We offer a full supply, delivery and installation service to our clients in order to ensure complete satisfaction, working with you throughout the whole process to find the ideal kitchen for your needs.

Price Kitchens offer a range of In Frame Painted Kitchens suited to any home. View our collection below.

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