Neutralising nasty niffs

Author: Kerri
We’ve all been there. You’ve wowed your family with your latest culinary creation – let's say Pan-fried Seabass with Sizzling Ginger, Spring Onions & Chilli – only to find that the whole house now smells of fish! Or you’ve decided to keep some of that takeaway curry for tomorrow – only to discover that the aroma has taken over the entire fridge. What to do?…
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Neutralising Strong Odours

Author: PriceK
When it comes to strong scents, although the bathroom often wins out in terms of bad odours, the kitchen is definitely the gold prize winner of strong odours, be they good or bad or simply a little overpowering. Whether or not you’re a big fan of grilled mushrooms, freshly fried scampi or heavy-on-the-garlic garlic pizza bread, these scents can cling to surfaces and leave a…
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