Exposed Brickwork and Timber Beams to Add that Classical Touch

Author: PriceK
Are you looking to add a personal touch to your kitchen? Why not get rid of that unseemly drywall in order to highlight the beautiful exposed brickwork or timberwork of your home? Homes that have exposed brickwork walls or beams that are in plain sight often have an added level of charm to them as it provides a subtle hint as to the level of…
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The modernisation of the kitchen space

Author: PriceK
Kitchens have been in use for hundreds, even thousands of years, however the kitchens we see today are a product of decades of tweaking, changing, growing designs that push innovation and imagination to its limits. Once kitchens were a place for only the servants to visit, never seen by visitors or even the house owner themselves. Nowadays however it is a completely different story, as…
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