‘Tis the season to clean the fridge

Author: Kerri
Cleaning the fridge is one of those chores that just has to be done every now and then. A clean fridge is a hygienic environment in which to store food and chill drinks – meaning fresher and tastier food and no nasty mould or bacteria that can make you ill. What’s more, keeping your fridge and freezer regularly looked after and in good working order…
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Cleaning your Refrigerator – It is Important!

Author: PriceK
Your fridge; the solution to so many food related problems. The humble refrigerator is an essential part of everyday life.  But how often do you think about cleaning your fridge? Unless you are a middle-aged parent with working experience of ‘when fridges go wrong’ or you are an enthusiastic house-proud cleaner, a fridge is one of the things that many of us forget to clean…
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