6 ways to remove sticky labels from glass

Author: Kerri
If you reuse empty glass jars to store coffee, spices or other kitchen ingredients, for jam or making or pickling, or perhaps for recycling in a craft project, you will know that it’s not always an easy job to remove the old label. Depending on the adhesive used, it can be downright impossible to get it all off! Avoid the temptation to use a knife…
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7 ways vinegar can harm your kitchen

Author: Kerri
Vinegar has long been hailed as one of the most useful natural substances to have in the kitchen and laundry room. Whether you want to clean the microwave, remove limescale from chrome taps or keep bugs at bay, vinegar can indeed work wonders. However, it’s not always the solution. In fact, there are some situations when vinegar can do more harm than good. Granite, marble…
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Natural Kitchen Cleaners

Author: PriceK
There are literally thousands of kitchen cleaning products on the market designed to keep the heart of your home sparkling clean at all times. From disinfectants to detergents, glass sprays to floor polish, our cupboards are stuffed full of bottles to help us clean our kitchens. But are they really necessary? Ask your grandmother and she’ll tell you that all you need are three magic…
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