8 great little energy saving tips in the kitchen

Author: Kerri
When it comes to modern kitchens, aren’t we lucky to have such a wealth of labour saving kitchen devices to choose from? Fridges and microwaves, induction and gas hobs, ovens and plate warmers, extractor fans and all manner of useful kitchen appliances – it really doesn’t get much better. But contrast this sharply with our ever increasing electricity bills and you’ll see that it’s not…
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Casual Cooking Tips

Author: PriceK
Helpful hints and tips are never superfluous when you’re cooking in the kitchen! At Price Kitchens we take pride in providing beautiful kitchen designs and fitting and with a huge collection of kitchens and appliances, we want you to be able to try out your new kitchen as soon as possible. Warm Plates It may sound simple but it is surprising how often this little…
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