5 top tips to clean your induction hob

Author: Kerri
Induction hob technology is fantastic for contemporary kitchens. Applying the heat exactly where and when it is needed means that you can cook with maximum speed and flexibility, and all while saving energy too. But how easy is it to keep induction hobs clean? Luckily, the glass ceramic surface only heats up the position of your cookware; the rest of the cooktop remains cool, making…
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7 top tips for cleaning your induction hob

Author: PriceK
If you’ve just invested in a new induction hob, Congratulations – you’ve made a great decision! Not only are they a very sleek, contemporary addition to your kitchen, induction hobs are super quick to heat up and cook, making them very energy efficient. And because the heat is transferred directly and only to the bottom of the pan, they’re extremely safe to use too. Obviously,…
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Gas Hob or Induction Hob?

Author: PriceK
If you love your kitchen, choosing a new appliance should be fun and exciting – it’s like a new shiny toy that you get to play with every day. And with technology moving apace, every new kitchen appliance seems to be more attractive, intuitive and powerful than its predecessor. Take hobs, for instance. It used to be a straightforward case of gas vs electric coil,…
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