Cleaning Stainless Steel

Author: PriceK
Stainless steel can sometimes be problematic as it can easily lose its sheen and become dirty if not properly cared for. However, there are a few materials that work wonders on cleaning stainless steel so that it returns to that wonderful sheen and stays that way for longer! Stainless Steel worktops are incredibly popular in all types of kitchens as well as being popular in…
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Simple Halloween Recipes

Author: PriceK
With Halloween coming up, whether you’re a big fan of the traditional ghostly holiday or you’re just putting a brave face on for the kids, there are countless Halloween recipes just waiting to be tried out for the end of October. Why not make the best use of your kitchen worktops this Halloween by trying these spooky spider snacks? Spider Web Muffins You’ll Need: Mini…
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