Preventing Bad Smells from Pervading your Cupboards

Author: PriceK
Even though they are full of condiments and packets of pasta and stock sometimes kitchen cupboards can become musty and start to smell over time. In order to prevent this musty smell from pervading and settling into your nice produce, there are a few things you can do to keep your kitchen cupboards smelling clean and fresh. Give them a rinse By emptying out the…
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Kitchen Cleaning

Author: PriceK
Cleaning your kitchen is essential. You’re constantly preparing food in there, either instant or homemade and regardless of how spotless your cutlery and your plates are, it all means nothing if your food is prepared in a dirty space. It is important to regularly clean your kitchen countertops with warm soapy water as germs can easily spread through the contact of raw foods, mouldy foods…
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