Which is the tastiest pumpkin of them all?

Author: Kerri
Pumpkins and winter squashes are everywhere this autumn. They make wonderful seasonal decorations, particularly around Halloween, and the sheer variety of sizes and colours is a joy to behold. However, when it comes to cooking with pumpkin, many people are put off by the taste. Why? Pumpkins tend to be grown as one of two types. Ornamental pumpkins are designed to look good but may…
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Quick Pumpkin Recipes for Halloween – 2

Author: PriceK
Part two of our fantastic pumpkin recipe pack is here. This time we are looking at great ways to create full dishes with pumpkins. As the autumn sets in, the weather often takes a turn for the worse, so to keep warm we've had a look at some of the more toasty recipes for you to try out. Pumpkin Lasagne Replacing your canned tomatoes with…
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