Dolce & Gabbana and SMEG Fridges

Author: Kerri
You may want to sit down for this exciting piece of kitchen industry news. Last month, renowned kitchen appliance manufacturer SMEG launched an exclusive collection of fridges in collaboration with the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. The result is a fridge unlike any you have ever seen before. Featuring colourful scenes inspired by Italian art and medieval history, these one-off designs feature intricate patterns,…
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Dusting your Kitchen

Author: PriceK
Our kitchens are one of the rooms in the house that gets daily use, whether you’re a professional chef or a microwave magician and we often take time out to sweep and wash the floors, clear out the cupboards and reorganise the fridge after a heavy Christmas season, but how often do we dust our kitchens? Dusting the kitchen is incredibly important as due to…
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Cleaning your Refrigerator – It is Important!

Author: PriceK
Your fridge; the solution to so many food related problems. The humble refrigerator is an essential part of everyday life.  But how often do you think about cleaning your fridge? Unless you are a middle-aged parent with working experience of ‘when fridges go wrong’ or you are an enthusiastic house-proud cleaner, a fridge is one of the things that many of us forget to clean…
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