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Author: Claire

Classic wooden kitchen

Choosing a new kitchen design is a very exciting, if not extremely difficult, decision. After all, the kitchen is a room which gives a house its overarching character and expresses its personality. It represents the heart of a home and an area in which homeowners feel most relaxed.

It’s important to therefore weigh up each aspect of the decision-making process when choosing your ideal kitchen, in order to guarantee that your chosen design is the perfect pick. We at Price Kitchens personally think that painted kitchens are a fantastic option since they not only offer versatility and durability, but they’re also highly cost-effective.

Here are four of the main reasons why we think painted kitchens are the perfect choice:

1. They can be repainted.

It may sound a bit strange to say as a starting point but painted kitchens are exactly what they say on the tin; unlike other kitchen designs, you can repaint them as and when you want. Some companies may say that they offer special kinds of paints which are able to stick to vinyl coated or lacquered doors but, in our experience, we are yet to find one which actually works effectively. Hand painted kitchens are much easier to repaint should you ever decide to renew or update the design.

2. Blemishes? What blemishes?

Since you are able to repaint the kitchen as and when you like, it makes sense that you can touch it up when you need to as well. We all know how easy it is to knock over a glass of wine or leave a hot pan on the side slightly too long. Now, you can rest assured that, should you cause any blemish or strain to occur, you can simply cover it up using a touch-up paint. Nobody will ever need to know it was there.

3. It’s like having a new kitchen over and over again.

Fashions change all the time and painted kitchen designs are no different. Over the years we have gone from marbling, rag rolling and sponging techniques to the more modern grey and avocado colours that we see today. Being able to repaint the kitchen when you’re in need of a change allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and makes it feel like you’re getting a new kitchen over and over again.

4. Quality, cost and individuality are all up to you.

Painted kitchens can be designed in a range of different paints, styles and colours, all of which vary in cost and quality. Depending on your budget, this allows you to be in control of how much you’re spending and lets you decide the kind of finish you want. Because of this, the look and finish you go for will give the kitchen its individuality. Plus, since painted kitchens are typically painted by hand, the look you get will be highly unique, made up of delicate brush strokes, a lovely depth and an individual texture.

To find out more about the range of painted kitchens we have to offer here at Price Kitchens, why not take a look at our selection? Alternatively, pop down and visit us at our stunning Surrey-based showroom, or contact a member of our team for further details.

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