Full Steam

Steam cookers are marvelous inventions, able to cook a range of different foods while still retaining their nutritional values. The new FullSteam oven from Price Kitchens combines the heating modes of a full-featured oven with the nutritional goodness of a steam cooker.

Our FullSteam oven ensures that your vegetables come out fresh, with beautifully roasted meats that are crisp on the outside yet at the same time succulent and juicy on the inside. The FullSteam oven is easy to operate, with a refillable concealed 1 litre water container. All you need to do is press a button to open up the front panel, remove, refill and replace the container and you’re ready to go at ‘full steam ahead’.

With a huge range of appliances, accessories and more, Price Kitchens provides everything you need for a stunning kitchen renovation, whatever your price range. For more information on our FullSteam oven, or to see what else we have to offer, please get in touch by calling us on 020 8686 9006, by emailing us at info@pricekitchens.co.uk or you can visit our website at www.pricekitchens.co.uk.

Just a quick thank you for the way you and your company have conducted yourselves at Hampton Wick School. The approach from start to finish has been done in a very professional manner along with the quality of goods, especially the bespoke storage units
Senior Site Manager