Adaptive and Accessible Kitchens


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We can offer limited mobility kitchens for those with physical disabilities; considering positions of appliances, worktops and sinks. We generally work with the occupational therapist and end-user for specific individual needs to enable inclusive kitchens.

There are many options available to make an accessible kitchen suitable for each user, these include:

Electrical or manual height-adjustable frames for worktops and wall units are available. A height-adjustable bracket system is suitable for one-time adjustment scenarios or a manual or electrical system would be best for frequent adjustment and to increase independence.

A hob or sink with flexible plumbing can be easily inset providing the perfect height for everyone to safely reach the worktop, hob and sink. Internal accessories help with accessibility.

To find out more about our adaptive, accessible & inclusive kitchens, get in touch using our form below or call us on 020 8686 9006. You can also view our kitchen case studies for more ideas.