Limited Mobility Kitchens

Price Kitchens have more than 30 years of experience in providing our customers with kitchens that are practical, innovative and beautiful to look at. We are proud to offer kitchen solutions that are specifically designed for people with limited mobility or who require a wheelchair kitchen or disabled access. With a range of different kitchen designs, fittings, fixtures and accessories made to suit the individual needs of disabled kitchens, we are going the extra mile to ensure everyone feels catered for.

We tailor our designs to suit your need for kitchens for the disabled. Our kitchen collection spans all price points to make sure that we have the right kitchen solution for you, whatever your budget. In all our designs, we work hard to ensure that your daily life is made as convenient as possible.

How we design our disabled access kitchens

For ease of access, you’ll find Price Kitchens with a choice of height-adjustable worktops, drop-down wall units, base and wall units with varying heights and depths and many more fitting options for disabled kitchens.

When it comes to storage, Price Kitchens are designed with any space in mind. Our solutions take into account the extra room needed for disabled access or limited mobility issues. What’s more, with worktopssinks and counters available with height-adjustable frames by Ropox, there’s no need to strain or put your health and safety at risk in your own kitchen. At Price Kitchens, we offer invaluable consultation sessions to make sure that your ideal kitchen design is more than just user-friendly – it should be perfect for you.

Adaptive kitchen furniture and work surfaces

Price Kitchens designs furniture that can be adapted to meet the needs of any client. Base units can be attached to the wall at the optimum height for the user, with ample ground clearance for a wheelchair footplate. Wall cabinets can be lowered as necessary, with a wide range of pullout storage options and internal wire baskets available to allow for maximum flexibility.

Our kitchen designs use height-adjustable frames that are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, giving you complete peace of mind about the quality and durability of our products.

Lowered or height-adjustable worktops are ideal for inclusive living, with smooth corners reducing the risk of accidents and injury. Rise & fall technology allows total free access that’s perfect in a shared household. Rise & fall work surfaces should be operated by remote control with different user settings and a safety stop function in case of obstructions.

Accessible sinks and taps

For easy operation from a wheelchair or supported position, sinks should be shallower in depth and insulated at the bottom, with leg space underneath. Lower-mounted sinks can be installed where necessary.

Pull-out tap hoses are a recommended feature, since they allow for easy reach, particularly when the kitchen user is in a seated or perched position.

Inclusive appliances

When it comes to appliance design, accessibility, ease of use and safety are of paramount importance.

Most inclusive hobs are induction based, meaning they only heat up when contact with a pan is made. For better accessibility, linear induction hobs are available. Extra safety features may include shatterproof glass, safety shut-off and residual heat indicators. Gas hobs are typically not recommended due to the dangers associated with an open flame. For wheelchair users, lower worktops for better hob access, combined with front-controlled appliances, should be considered.

Ovens must have side-opening doors for ease of reach, while lower-mounted appliances for wheelchair users are recommended. For additional safety ‘slide and hide’ ovens have doors that slide away when open. Telescopic anti-tile rails and easy-clean functionality are also advisable.

Extractor hoods should have accessible push buttons or slide controls, ideally with a remote control option.

At Price Kitchens, we provide a full design and survey service, with accurate measurements and helpful designs to create the best possible disabled kitchens. Everything we do is focused on total customer satisfaction – we will work with you throughout the process to make sure that your new wheelchair kitchen is perfect for you in every way.

For more information about our DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) wheelchair kitchens for the disabled, please contact the friendly, knowledgeable team at Price Kitchens. To discuss your specific needs for limited mobility or disabled access kitchens, call 020 8686 9006 or email your enquiry to and we will be in touch as soon as we can.