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Selecting a colour scheme for your new kitchen is an exciting task that’s worth taking some time over. Getting the colours right is the key to achieving the look you’re after in your kitchen, the heart of the home. Whether you go for a classic or contemporary look in your kitchen, Price Kitchens has an extensive colour palette to personalise your kitchen in line with your personal taste and preferred design styles.

At Price Kitchens, we have a huge range of kitchen designs on offer that can be enlivened with the help of colours that range from subtle shades to vibrant hues, while our Painted Kitchens can be painted in part or whole according to your specifications. Our High Gloss Kitchens have a sleek, contemporary finish available in a wide range of colour options. For more budget-friendly but no less stylish alternatives, why not pick from a range of colours among our Vinyl Kitchens?

White Kitchens


White kitchens are timeless and they work with every kind of design. It’s no wonder that the trend for all-white kitchens is one of the most enduring ones. From modern to traditional, Scandinavian or Shaker Kitchen, white always looks fantastic. It creates a clean and fresh appearance that’s great for hygienic kitchen areas but without the clinical feel. Pure white can be used to maximise the natural light coming into the kitchen, or as a background for accent colour pops or interesting textures to add depth if necessary.

Cream and Off White Kitchens


Off-white shades have been a kitchen favourite for some years and the trend shows no sign of going away. There’s now a huge palette of neutral ‘barely there’ colour options emerging including soft shades such as almond, cream, ivory, alabaster, suede, chalk, bone, beige, linen, cappuccino, stone, putty and taupe. With these shades offering a warmer and softer alternative to pure white, there’s a wealth of opportunity to create the kitchen space to suit your particular taste. Whether you wish to add depth and character to a contemporary kitchen or give the hub of your home a “vintage-y” vibe, there’s a perfect neutral shade out there to achieve just that.

Grey Kitchens


The trend for grey has never been bigger, whether you think of home interiors or kitchen design. From pale dove, or dust, to anthracite or rich charcoal, a grey colour scheme is perfect to achieve a cool and sophisticated feel in a modern kitchen space, or add some warmth and richness to a classic kitchen in your home. You can use grey to create an understated, elegant vibe or to make a real style statement. Being a true neutral, grey also combines beautifully with a wide range of other colours.

Black Kitchens


Choosing a black kitchen is very now, but that doesn’t mean black only works in uber-contemporary spaces. Use black to add elegance and drama to any home setting, or as a wonderful contrast to other materials such as glass, wood and metallic. True black in shades such as black pepper or caviar is perfect for a rich yet restrained colour palette, particularly if paired with a bold accent colour. Whether matt or gloss kitchens are more your thing, black can look stunning in any context.

Blue Kitchens


Choose a blue kitchen for a cool, calming vibe that has stress-reducing properties. Blue comes in many gorgeous shades that range from serenity, sky blue and pastel blues such as duck egg and powder blue to richer hues – navy and teal, cobalt, indigo and midnight blue. Why not add blue to add personality to a plainer kitchen design, as a complement to traditional styles or as a quirky way to inject some vibrancy into your home?

Green Kitchens

Dante Oak Sage Green

A natural choice for kitchens, green evokes Mother Nature, the Great Outdoors and all things fresh and natural. It’s the perfect backdrop for storing food and fresh produce and for preparing healthy meals. Green shades range from lighter ones such as mint green, apple green, sage, lime, grass and green tea, to bolder hues including olive, emerald and jade. Bring the colour of your herb or vegetable garden into your country kitchen or inject some green magic into your urban kitchen.

Red & Orange Kitchens

Vibrant colours, and red especially, are said to stimulate the appetite, which is why they make a great choice for kitchens. From traditional Shaker-style kitchens to more contemporary spaces, red shades are exciting! Red and orange are versatile choices and include shades such as tango, poppy, flame, salsa, fiesta and chilli pepper. There are rustic reds and burnt orange shades all the way down to subtle peach hues. For more warmth and personality in your kitchen, add a shock of red drama or hot orange to your home!

Yellow Kitchens

Like sunshine on a rainy day, yellow adds instant brightness to any kitchen. It’s a great choice for smaller kitchen spaces since yellow helps the light to flood in, making the room more cheerful, warmer and bigger. Select a soft lemon, flax or honey shade for your farmhouse kitchen or make a more dramatic statement with a pop of buttercup, canary or saffron kitchen units – using gloss paint if you’re brave enough! Yellow can look fantastic in combination with other colours, notably grey or pure white.

Pink Kitchens

Think pink in your kitchen – it’s more versatile than you think. A subtle shade such as honeysuckle rose quartz or hibiscus can really complement architectural features, tempering some of the feature formality in the kitchen. It’s like using a neutral shade but with a playful twist to create a soothing and relaxing vibe that works in contemporary and classic settings. Add a shock of energy with hot pink shades such as bubblegum, fuchsia, raspberry or candy.

Purple Kitchens

Add the element of surprise with a delightful purple kitchen! With colours ranging from lavender and soft lilac tones to bold plum, aubergine and violet, purple can be refreshing and is anything but boring. Why not go all out and make a style statement with this contemporary gloss aubergine kitchen?

For more ideas and inspiration, take a look at our Buyers Guide to Choose a Kitchen Colour.

Price Kitchens have been consistently proactive and responsive in their execution of this project. Deliveries were always on time and complete. They have been a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending them for any size project.
Michael Quaid, Ardmore Site Manager