Painted Kitchens

If you are looking for a kitchen design which offers versatility and the freedom to update its look whenever you please, then look no further. Painted kitchens are a fantastic choice for those with flexibility in mind, coming in an array of different colours and finishes for you to choose between.

What’s more, their main advantage is the fact that they can be repainted whenever you see fit. Whether you want to keep up with the latest fashions or trends, or if you simply want to cover up and accidental spillage, painted kitchens are highly cost-effective as you can keep them looking like new very cheaply and easily.

Here at Price Kitchens we offer a wide selection of painted kitchens to suit a range of design preferences. From a traditional farmhouse look to a more contemporary painted kitchen style, our team have the experience and expertise to turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

Painted Kitchen Finishes


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We at Price Kitchens bring kitchens to life by adding subtle or vibrant colours to each of our designs. Depending on the look and style you’re after, we create and install kitchens that fit your specific requirements, leaving you with a kitchen you’ll truly love.

We also provide an extensive selection of colours and finishes for you to choose between: from a contemporary finish to a more traditional design. Whether you live in a rooftop apartment in the centre of London or a country cottage in Surrey, we design our kitchens around your lifestyle specifications, and are confident that we can deliver whatever you are looking for.

If you would like to find out more about the collection of painted kitchens we have to offer, please feel free to contact us on 020 8686 9006. Alternatively, pop into our Surrey-based showroom where we can discuss any questions or queries you might have over a nice cup of tea.

Our Painted Kitchens

quarter_round_3971_H1909Aldana Graphite KitchenAldanaBelgravia Deep Forest_Main Shot _RGBBelgraviaBuckingham IvoryBuckinghamClarendon Porcelain 2ClarendonEllertonEllertonfitzroy_8428-1-sn-700-x-525FitzroyFlorence Dust GreyFlorenceGeorgia Deep Forest Cameo 1Georgia Deep ForestGeorgia PaintedGeorgia Light GreyGraphite and Chicory Red Harbourne KitchenHarborneHunton Porcelain & Hartforth Blue KitchenHuntonJefferson Ivory & Painted Graphite MainJefferson Ivory & Painted GraphiteJefferson Painted Ivory, Powder Blue and Dust GreyJefferson Painted Ivory, Powder Blue & Dust GreyMadison IvoryMadison IvoryMadison Oak and Madison Painted Light GreyMadison Oak with Madison Painted Light GreyMadison Painted Lave and Light GreyMadison Painted Lava & Madison Painted Light GreyMILBOURNE ALABASTERMilbourne AlabasterMILBOURNE CHALKMilbourne ChalkMILBOURNE SAGEMilbourne Sagemor_shaker_sn-700-x-467Morningtonstrada_matte_lightgrey_main-700-x-495Strada Mattewakefield ivory lava stoneWakefield