Wood Kitchens

From classic oak to stunning willow, wood is a material that not only shows up in our everyday lives but also connects us with our surrounding world. It is a solid, natural substance that many homeowners often aspire to utilise within their kitchen design for its warmth and beauty.

Wood is also highly versatile, so different materials can be combined with it to great effect. For example, why not try a stunning stone countertop with your solid wood kitchen cabinets? Or maybe feature a painted wooden kitchen look with your stunning wooden floors for a blend of modern and traditional?

Whether you choose handmade wooden units, beautifully finished countertops or elegantly made cabinets, Price Kitchen’s natural wood kitchens come in a range of natural timbers, making each design truly unique to your home. We offer a wide variety of budget-friendly wood kitchens for you to choose from, with specialist teams on hand to help find the right kitchen to meet your requirements.



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Here at Price Kitchens, we provide an enviable selection of solid wood kitchens for you to choose between. Maybe it’s a country cottage vibe that you’re after, or a something a little more contemporary. Why not take a look at some of our previous case studies for inspiration? Or, if you’d rather come and see us in person, our friendly showroom team in South London would be more than happy to help you select and design the kitchen of your dreams.

After all, our Broadoak Linen wooden kitchens feature three different finishes to choose from, providing a mixture of beauty, simplicity and customisability within its design. Our Dante Lava range, meanwhile, incorporates kitchen units with more traditional colours, and is designed to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

We understand the importance of choosing your ideal wood kitchen, so we take great pride in being able to offer an extensive range for you to choose between. We also take great pride in being able to provide you with competitively priced furniture and a personal involvement with each project, to leave you feeling reassured that you’re in safe hands.

For any more information on how the process of choosing and fitting your ideal kitchen works, please contact us at Price Kitchens on 020 8686 9006.

Wood Kitchens FAQs

Why choose wood for your kitchen units?

Whether solid or veneered, wood – oak, pine, maple, walnut and cherry, in particular – remains the most popular material for kitchen cabinets. Timber grows naturally in a range of colours and unique grain patters, and it can be treated to produce a variety of finishes, from natural to smooth or painted. For example, rich walnut, traditional and pale washed oak look gorgeous as they are. Whether you are looking for a dark, sleek kitchen or a modern Scandi-influenced design, there’s a wood to suit your kitchen scheme.

Which type of wood is best for kitchen cabinets?

Wood is a natural material, and different types of timber have different properties. Oak, for instance, is loved all over the world for its attractive and durable qualities. Easy to find, stain and finish in any colour from light tan to dark brown, it’s a great choice in any property. Pine is another popular and very cost-effective choice that can be stained, antiqued, distressed or painted, making it one of the most versatile materials you can pick. Why not pop into our showroom and visit our large selection of different kitchens on display?

How do you choose the right finish for your wood kitchen cabinetry?

When deciding which wood finish to choose for your kitchen, consider the colour first. Are you looking for a natural wood finish or a painted wood kitchen? Bear in mind that veneered kitchen units may give you better grain matching than solid wood cabinet, so don’t dismiss them as inferior. And last but by no means least, look at the carcass construction. Our In Frame Wood kitchens have a reinforced frame to provide additional strength and longevity.

What’s the difference between timber and timber effect kitchens?

A timber-effect carcass door has an engineered finish, such as vinyl or foil or a man-made MDF or chipboard core, which delivers a uniform look. Timber-effect doors are either component or one-piece doors. Our timber doors have a solid frame and drawer front with solid or veneered centre panels. There can be grain variation and knots with natural timber, and the colour may change over time, adding to the solid wood charm and uniqueness that this material offers.


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