Shaker Wood Kitchens

Price Kitchens are proud to provide our clients with a fantastic selection of Shaker Wood kitchens designed to suit all properties and budgets. Choose from a number of different styles, including the Broadoak Ivory design, which works well alongside both traditional and contemporary furniture designs.

Shaker kitchen designs take inspirations from simplistic and minimalistic furniture that encompasses form and functionality over aesthetic design. By using asymmetrical designs to create visual effect and combining beautiful wooden finishes, our range of shaker wood kitchens will look perfect in any modern home.

The Shaker Wood kitchen collection by Price Kitchens provides everything clients need for stunning wooden kitchen designs. We work extremely hard to ensure complete client satisfaction, with a high level of attention to detail and kitchen furniture available at competitive prices. As a family run business we understand the importance of first class kitchen supplies, which is why we provide the entire supply, delivery and installation process ourselves.

Choose from a wide selection of Shaker Wood Kitchens by browsing through our range below.

BROADOAK CRANBERRYBroadoak CranberryBROADOAK LINENBroadoak LinenBROAKOAK NATURALBroadoak NaturalRye_5885Broakoak RyeCLONMEL ANTHRACITE & MUSSELClonmel Anthracite & MusselCLONMEL BLACK BROWN FERRARA & MUSSELClonmel Black Brown Ferrara & MusselCLONMEL CINNAMON & MUSSELClonmel Cinnamon & MusselCLONMEL LAVA & MUSSELClonmel Lava & MusselCLOMNEL LIGHT OAKClonmel Light OakCLONMEL WENGE & CREAMClonmel Wenge & CreamMadison IvoryMadison IvoryMadison Oak and Madison Painted Light GreyMadison Oak with Madison Painted Light GreyMadison Painted Lave and Light GreyMadison Painted Lava & Madison Painted Light GreyMalham OakMalhamwakefield ivory lava stoneWakefieldclassic-traditional-country-wakefield-light-oak-painted-stone-kitchen-hero-b-700-x-425Wakefield Oak