A specially-designed, built-in kitchen gives you complete freedom of choice with a great range of appliances to suit your every need. From a separate oven and hob to an all-in-one freestanding unit, refrigerators suitable for large families or just one person, integrated dishwashers and laundry equipment that save you time and effort we can help.

Our core suppliers are Neff, AEG, Zanussi, Electrolux, Bosch, Siemens and Rangemaster. We buy these direct from the manufacturer and are very competitive.


Price Kitchens are proud to supply Neff products across the South East. We are able to supply Neff products not readily available at other Neff dealers in Purley Way, Croydon, giving us an exclusive edge in providing quality Neff appliances. Make the most of our Neff products to really enhance your newly installed or existing kitchen space. With newly integrated technology and fresh design ideas readily available, you are guaranteed to find appliances that complement your new or existing kitchen.

Kitchens play a vital role in any modern household as they offer you the chance to get creative and chat with others. Neff is keen to provide a wide range of high-quality kitchen appliances that are more than capable of enhancing the positive atmosphere that a kitchen creates. Use our kitchen appliances to discover your creative skills, strengthen your design preferences and find the overall style that’s right for you.

Neff appliances are specifically manufactured to improve your kitchen experience. Whether you’re an aspiring chef with a passion for cooking or simply hosting a dinner party, Neff products are both efficient and attractive to set the perfect scene for your kitchen.

Please click here to watch the official collection of Neff videos, highlighting the quality, practicality and great new features of their range.


As premier partners of AEG, we are able to guarantee the supply of the finest kitchen appliances available on the market. If you are based in the South East you can make the most of our AEG products through the kitchen design and installation service we offer. As trusted suppliers of AEG products, we get exclusive access to their wide range of kitchen products, many of which are unavailable in both high street and online stores.

AEG are well known for the quality of its kitchen products, from stylish cooker hoods and built-in ovens to sleek contemporary hobs and microwaves. They also offer state-of-the-art laundry products to give you the best cleaning experience possible. The versatile range of products provided by AEG allows Price Kitchens to closely work with unique kitchen design ideas, allowing us to provide for all sorts of different clients. Whether you need to free up some space for your busy family kitchen area or you require efficient, high-quality products for cooking, AEG’s range of kitchen appliances can satisfy your needs.

AEG make the most of modern technology to create contemporary kitchen appliances that can significantly improve your kitchen experience. As your premier AEG dealer in Purley Way, Croydon, we can offer our clients the opportunity to enhance the style, efficiency and appeal of their kitchen space with the latest manufacturing methods and elegant design ideas courtesy of AEG.


We are premier partners of Zanussi here at Price Kitchens, as we look to provide only the very best kitchen appliances available on the market. Customers across the South East can benefit from the wide range of high-quality kitchen appliances we have to offer, many of which are exclusive to our showroom and not available at smaller Zanussi outlets.

Zanussi is a provider of outstanding kitchen appliances, making the most of the latest innovative technologies and designs to create unique, efficient and versatile products. Zanussi’s products are capable of meeting the demands of all sorts of different clients, with options available to suit large communal kitchens, through to those befitting smaller kitchen spaces. Kitchen spaces can be modified thanks to the wide range of products we have available, such as all-in-one cookers or built-in fridge freezers depending on various factors associated with your brand-new or existing kitchen.

Price Kitchens are delighted to be regarded as your premier Zanussi dealer in, Purley Way, Croydon and we can ensure our clients the best contemporary kitchen appliances around. We have an extensive range of products to choose from that are more than capable of contributing to your new and improved kitchen environment.


Price Kitchens are a premier partner of major kitchen appliances manufacturer Electrolux. We make the most of their high-quality products to provide our clients with outstanding contemporary kitchen appliances. Electrolux uses the latest technological advancements to create highly efficient kitchen appliances that maximise your kitchen experience. Being your premier Electrolux kitchen appliances dealer in Purley Way, Croydon, we are sure to find the ideal kitchen design to suit the requirements of your new or existing kitchen.

Electrolux manufactures high-quality appliances that boost the atmosphere of any kitchen space. Creating the ideal atmosphere in a kitchen is vital, especially when looking to meet the requirements of specific clients. Kitchens for larger family households require increased space whilst experienced chefs will require a kitchen that offers the best cooking appliances. The kitchen appliances from Electrolux that we have to offer can inspire you to become more creative whilst also making your kitchen look great in the process.


Price Kitchens are a leading Bosch dealer in Purley Way, providing customers across the South East with high-quality kitchen appliances for over thirty years. The Bosch products we have to offer here at Price Kitchens are exclusive and are not readily available at smaller Bosch outlets.

Bosch products provide the quality required to boost the innovation and versatility of your kitchen through the use of modern technology and design trends, creating an appealing social area as well as an efficient cooking space. You might require a larger kitchen that suits a busy family lifestyle or a space that offers you the chance to demonstrate your skills as an inspired chef. In any case, Bosch appliances can add to your enthusiasm and bring your kitchen to life.

Bosch offers appliances that brighten the atmosphere of any kitchen space. From all-in-one ovens and hobs to laundry appliances, your average day-to-day jobs will be made easier thanks to heightened efficiency and versatility. Our products can compensate for any particular kitchen space thanks to our extensive range of quality kitchen appliances to choose from. With Bosch as your provider, you are sure to find the ideal kitchen appliance to suit your style preferences.


We are a supplier of high-quality Siemens products here at Price Kitchens. Siemens manufacture some of the most popular contemporary kitchen appliances on the market and we are delighted to be able to provide their products as part of our kitchen design service. We work closely with Siemens to identify products that would enhance the practicality, efficiency and attractiveness of a kitchen space in order to guarantee our clients a kitchen that they will enjoy being in, from student accommodation kitchens to your own domestic kitchen.

Siemens are a major corporation and their trusted products are some of the best around. They are experts in identifying the latest manufacturing techniques and building on the newest technological advancements. We at Price Kitchens can guarantee our clients a truly unrivalled kitchen design service thanks to our connections with Siemens, whether you’re looking to build a space that accommodates multiple tenants or you’re looking to create the ideal kitchen for a highly trained chef. One thing’s for sure, Price Kitchens are your premier Siemens dealer in Purley Way, Croydon, and can make your kitchen look great thanks to our connections with some of the biggest names in kitchen manufacturing.


Price Kitchens are connected with some of the biggest names in kitchen design and manufacturing. We work with some of the biggest suppliers to ensure that our clients are equipped with the best products that improve both practicality and appeal. Rangemaster supplies us with high-quality range cookers that provide our clients with a different cooking method to the usual oven-cooker combination.  As a premier Rangemaster dealer in Croydon, they work closely with us to provide some of the latest ranges in the kitchen design industry, from brand-new contemporary ranges to 19th-century antique ranges that are certain to improve your kitchen space.

Rangemaster has gained a valuable reputation for providing some of the best appliances on the market, specialising in range cookers. You might require a range cooker to improve the versatility of your kitchen space as an aspiring chef or you might feel the addition of a range cooker offers character to your newly installed kitchen. With all sorts of range designs and cooking alternatives on offer at Rangemaster, Price Kitchens can offer our clients the chance to choose to form a wide range of kitchen products and design ideas.

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I felt I must write to you to pass on my congratulations on the assistance with the design and supply of the units for my kitchen. My plans were developed to take into account my ‘no compromise’ view of some of the elements such as top hung doors to tall units and avoiding handles where possible. I confirmed the plans and the units were manufactured and duly delivery as arranged for me to install. The end result has been exactly what I had envisaged and expected.