Other Colours – Red and Yellow Kitchens

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and choosing the right colour is crucial for achieving the look and feel you are after, especially if you have decided to go for a bright, bold colour.

At Price Kitchens, you will find many kitchen designs that can be tailored to fit in with the style of your home. Whether you are after a more traditional décor or wish to add a contemporary ‘wow’ factor, incorporating a pop of colour can work wonders.

Red Kitchens

Vibrant colours – red kitchens, orange kitchens and pink and purple kitchens in particular – are said to stimulate our appetite, which makes them a perfect colour choice for your kitchen design. There are many exciting red shades available in the marketplace ranging from rose pinks, burnt oranges and rustic reds to dramatic Cranberry, Aubergine and shocks of Red Gloss. To add a dash of drama, personality and warmth to your kitchen space, a hot red kitchen is hard to beat.

This contemporary Odyssey Aubergine gloss kitchen is a perfect example of how bold colours can make a dramatic impact in the kitchen. Offset with black granite and brushed chrome, high tech styling and contemporary chic come together in perfect harmony.

The Keld Cream Gloss kitchen combines streamlined design with a sophisticated modern feel, and like many other kitchens at Price Kitchens, is available in striking Aubergine Gloss and Red Gloss.


For a more traditional kitchen space, our Milton Damson Shaker Painted Kitchen can also be supplied in a wide range of colours, including a dramatic Cranberry shade.

milton damson

Yellow Kitchens

Sunny and calming, yellow kitchens are very fashionable this year, and they work particularly well in brightening up smaller kitchen spaces. Go for a soft, warm shade or make a bold design statement with a bright yellow shade!

At Price Kitchens, we have a huge range of kitchen designs to choose from, and many can be colour customised to your preference. Our Buyers Guide to Choosing a Kitchen Colour could give you even more inspiration.  Take a look at our Vinyl Kitchens, Wood Kitchens, Painted Kitchens or In Frame Kitchens and let us help you create stunning individual solutions for the heart or your home. If you would like more information about any of our kitchen styles or finishes, please get in touch here or call us on 020 8686 9006.

The finished result in our kitchen worktops is truly stunning.
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