Kitchens for Local Authorities

Price Kitchens are a leading kitchen provider for local authorities in the South East and have been for over thirty years. We continue to make the most of high quality materials and contemporary manufacturing methods to create outstanding and unique kitchen environments.

We are suppliers of kitchen materials and appliances from some of the biggest names in the industry as we aim to supply local authorities across the South East region with unique kitchen designs of impeccable quality.

Our excellent reputation as a quality supplier, manufacturer, installer and distributor of contract kitchens precedes us and we take time out to ensure that our services are versatile in order to meet the requirements of the local authorities we provide for.

Over the years our work with local authorities has given us a platform to expand on our comprehensive understanding of specific client requirements. This has given us the option to adjust our manufacturing methods and provide kitchens for all sorts of unique client requirements.

Our connections with major brands in the appliance and electrical industries provides us with further customisation opportunities where we can manufacture a kitchen space that works for any particular local authority that we provide for.

We continue to adopt fresh, innovative ideas for the benefit of local authorities in London and the South East and pride ourselves on the quality service that we maintain so please get in touch if you’d like to know more.


Incorporated all my requirements and much more innovative that other companies.
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