NEFF Light

From our fantastic Neff range comes the NeffLight®. A unique feature that allows you to safely check on your food without ever opening the oven door. Providing an increased level of effective lighting on all four cooking levels of the main oven, NeffLight® is great for any style of cooking or baking.

Whereas most ovens will have an internal light system, these systems tend to become obscured by shelves and pans when cooking. In comparison to regular ovens the NeffLight® ensures that every corner of space is brightly lit by using LED Bulbs. Plus, a specially designed prism located in the oven door is used to evenly distribute light throughout the oven, making sure you get a good view of anything cooking, without dazzle.

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Just a quick thank you for the way you and your company have conducted yourselves at Hampton Wick School. The approach from start to finish has been done in a very professional manner along with the quality of goods, especially the bespoke storage units
Senior Site Manager