Buyers’ Guide: Fitted Kitchen

Redesigning your kitchen can be a major undertaking. In our modern 21st century homes, the kitchen is far more than a place for preparing food and cooking meals. It’s the heart of the home where we eat and relax, socialise and entertain, perhaps even work from home. That’s why it’s vital to get the style and design of your kitchen just right.

But when there’s such a wealth of kitchen designs in an ever changing variety of colours, styles and trends to choose from, where do you start? At Price Kitchens, we have over 35 years’ professional experience in advising our customers on selecting the best kitchen for their requirements. Why not visit our showroom in Croydon, South London to view our kitchen collections on display and talk to our friendly team?

Kitchen Styles

The look and feel of your kitchen is all important. It should appeal to your personal taste but also be in keeping with the property and, ideally, add value to your home. Broadly, there are three main styles of kitchen for you to choose from.

Classic kitchens have remained consistently popular over the years. Exuding comfort and warmth, nothing feels as homely as a traditional kitchen. Their appeal lies in achieving a balance between style and longevity that is ultimately timeless. Whether you choose a classic wood kitchen or a beautiful painted kitchen, the result will be a functional and stylish space with subtle design flairs and simple aesthetics to enhance any home.

Shaker kitchens have a utilitarian design focused on simplicity and functionality. Instead of ornate designs and embellishments, the clean lines and practical layout of a Shaker kitchen makes it suitable for both traditional and modern homes. Combining modern architecture with a minimalist design style, Shaker kitchens are available in a wide range of styles and colours to create functional kitchen furniture that will last for many years.

Modern and contemporary kitchens offer sleek finishes, clean lines and striking minimalist designs. Often open plan and made from man-made materials, they’re available in both matt or gloss finishes, or you could choose a contemporary wood kitchen for your home. Unlike more traditional kitchens, contemporary kitchens include a wealth of clever storage to keep surfaces clear and the aesthetic uninterrupted.

Kitchen Finishes

The look and feel of your kitchen is also determined by the kitchen finish. Practical considerations come into play here, as you will need to make choices regarding maintenance, upkeep and durability. Price Kitchens have a vast range of kitchens finished in gloss, matt or wood.

Sleek and elegant, gloss kitchens offer a shiny, smooth surface that reflects the light around the room. Most units will have smooth finishes, typically without intricate details and often handleless. Gloss kitchens in white or cream can make a room look airy and bright, which can be the perfect solution for compact spaces. Gloss is easy to clean but may show up finger marks, so may not be ideal for families with small children.

Matt kitchens are soft and smooth, oozing elegance. In contrast to gloss, the matt finish absorbs the light, leading to a muted and understated look that can be incorporated into both traditional and modern design schemes. Matt finishes in sophisticated greys and ivory are currently very on trend, creating a timeless appeal that is nevertheless practical in a family home.

The perfect finish for traditional or Shaker kitchens, wood provides a level of warmth and character that is impossible to achieve with a gloss finish. The rustic feel of the natural woodgrain makes this finish a favourite for country style kitchens. Whether you choose a solid wood kitchen or a wood look kitchen, the finish is available in natural shades or painted, is hardwearing and hides scuff marks well.

Kitchen Layout

Unless you are considering a home extension, your kitchen design will largely be decided by the available size and shape of the room. Broadly, there are 3 types of kitchen layout you could consider:

For small or narrow spaces, a galley kitchen with two straight runs on either side is the best solution. Instead of cluttering the space with too many wall units, make the most of the height of the room with base units and tall cupboards, making sure you leave plenty of worktop space.

For larger spaces, a U-shaped kitchen is a useful layout that creates plenty of room for cooking and food preparation, as well as space for entertaining or children playing. There’s ample worktop space with much needed storage underneath.

L-shaped kitchens are ideal for larger families where workspace and storage are always at a premium. There’s a main run of wall cabinets, typically incorporating the sink or cooker too, and a shorter run of kitchen units placed at 90 degrees. For maximum usability of the area, why not add an island?

Choosing your new kitchen

Deciding on a new kitchen can be a daunting prospect – this is where we come in. Price Kitchens are a company you can trust to provide a competitively priced kitchen that is tailored exactly to your requirements. From our initial design and survey service to leading edge CNC production and quality control, we take great pride in offering the highest levels of service and attention to detail at every stage.

If you are interested in finding out more about the vast range of kitchens available from Price Kitchens, please contact us on 020 8686 9006 or email