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When it comes to fitted wardrobes, there’s really no contest. On a practical, everyday level, nothing beats the benefits of having custom-built cupboard space that’s tailored to your requirements as well as the available space in the room.

If you’re not sure why freestanding wardrobes are second best, read on. Here’s a reminder of the top 5 reasons why you should consider having built-in wardrobes fitted in your bedroom.

1 – Calm and clutter-free

Built-in wardrobes free up space in your bedroom, helping you to be organised and free (or at least in control of) of clutter. The net result is a more relaxing atmosphere to recharge your batteries. A tidy room is a calm room, which is exactly what you want in the bedroom.

2 – Space maximising

Make the most of the space in your bedroom and the space in your built-in wardrobe. Store lesser used or out-of-season items on hard-to-reach top shelves, while everyday items are easily accessible.

3 – Time-saving and efficient


No more hunting around for matching socks or accessories in the morning. Everything has its place and there’s a place for everything, which should make getting ready in the morning much faster, more efficient and pleasurable.

4 – More clothes to wear

With a better overview of all the items in your wardrobe, not only will you be rediscovering long-lost pieces, you’ll be able to put together new and exciting wardrobe combinations without needing to go shopping!

5 – Neat and tidy

Now there’s an incentive to keep everything in your wardrobe tidy and organised, you are also more motivated to keep garments in a good state of repair. It’s a virtual circle!

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