When is the right time for a new kitchen?

A new kitchen is a big investment into your home. A good kitchen should last you many years but there will come a time when you need to upgrade, replace or redesign it. Of course, the right time for a new kitchen depends on a range of factors including the quality of the original build, the wear and tear over the years, changes in your…
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Top 5 tips on how to fall in love with cooking

Cooking at home isn’t always easy. You may not be confident about your kitchen skills, or see cooking as a chore rather than a hobby, or you may simply not have the time to prepare your own food. That said, we all know that cooking at home is an easy way to change your eating habits for the better. Those who cook from scratch are…
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Kitchen taps – what should you be looking for?

Choosing the right tap for your kitchen is essential as it’s one of the hardest working elements in the room. The best taps are attractive to look at and built to last, with smooth handling to ensure exact adjustments of temperature and flow. What’s more, as a prominent feature on your kitchen worktop or island, the tap should complement the design and size of your…
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3 microwave cleaning hacks

A microwave oven is an essential kitchen appliance these days. It’s a handy time and labour saving device in the kitchen, whether you’re defrosting food items from the freezer, doing baked potatoes in record time, heating up yesterday’s dinner or making a quick hot chocolate. But since your microwave comes into contact with food on a daily basis, meticulous hygiene is key. Here are three…
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Can your fridge freezer survive the heatwave?

Did you know that extremely high temperatures (as well as low temperatures) can ruin your cooling appliances? Fridges, freezers, combined fridge freezers, wine coolers, beer fridges, chest freezers and so on can all be at risk in the summer. The problem is quite a fundamental one in that these appliances were never designed to operate in temperatures that lie outside the ‘normal’ range. Take a…
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How to look after your solid timber worktop

Solid timber worktops can be a wonderful choice for your kitchen. They’re hardwearing, durable and look beautiful, adding character and depth to both classic painted kitchens and contemporary designs. Choose from different types of wood including oak, walnut, iroko, beech and maple and create a stylish and personal statement in your kitchen. Once your worktop is in place, it’s important to take proper care of…
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How can you use your oven as a barbecue?

Springtime is upon us and this can only mean one thing: it’s barbecue time, ideally in the garden with family and friends. However, with the British weather being so notoriously unpredictable, organising a BBQ garden party always is a risky undertaking. You need to have a Plan B just in case it starts tipping down just at the wrong time. Cooking indoors may not have…
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How to look after your new kitchen

If you’ve recently had a new kitchen installed – Congratulations! We hope it will give you many years of enjoyment and practical use. To keep your kitchen looking as good as new for as long as possible, make sure you follow Price Kitchens’ helpful care and maintenance tips, which are also available to download here. Kitchen units, doors and carcases • Don’t use harsh abrasive…
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Tumble dryers three ways – what’s the difference?

 If you have a large family and plenty of laundry, a tumble dryer may sound like a great investment. Interestingly, the technology used for these kitchen appliances has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years, meaning there is now more product choice than ever. Vented tumble dryers Traditionally, tumble dryers are vented. A flexible hose attaches to the back or…
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Tip top kitchen spring cleaning tips

Spring is on the doorstep and that can only mean one thing: it’s spring cleaning time. In the kitchen, there are 5 areas that you should lavish particular attention on: 1 - Freshen up your fridge Start with a stock take and throw out any old jars and packets of food lurking at the back of the fridge. Next, wipe down all the shelves using…
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