The Benefits of Choosing a Shaker Style Kitchen

10 Shaker kitchens are one of the most universally popular types of kitchen design, and there are plenty of finishes available for every taste and style of home. Check out our collection of Shaker Gloss Kitchens, Shaker Painted Kitchens, Shaker Wood Kitchens, Shaker Wood Look Kitchens and Shaker Vinyl Kitchens to get a better idea of what we have on offer. But what is so…
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A Guide to Buying Wood Kitchens

Wood is a beautiful material that features in many homes, but it’s a particularly popular choice for kitchens. Wood can work with any décor, from modern and contemporary properties to traditional farmhouse kitchens, and it can be stained, painted or kept natural, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. From budget, colour and style to the different finishes available, this is your complete guide…
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How to incorporate the colour green in the kitchen

Author: Claire
When we say to go green in the kitchen, we’re not talking about recycling – although that’s obviously very important too. Today though, we are here to discuss how you can effectively incorporate the colour green into your kitchen. Why choose green? When you think about the colour green, what do you see? For me personally, I imagine a countryside landscape with fresh air and…
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What’s the benefit of having a wine cooler?

Author: Claire
There are many essential domestic appliances that no sensible householder would want to be without. From hobs and ovens to cooker hoods, fridges and freezers, coffee makers, laundry equipment and much more, the modern kitchen has solutions for everything. But do you really need a wine cooler? The answer, of course, depends on whether you love wine enough to justify the additional storage. If you’re…
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Benefits and Disadvantages of Pull-out Storage

Author: PriceK
Whether you have a small or a spacious kitchen, good storage solutions are essential to keep everything in order. A cluttered kitchen can often become a messy kitchen, particularly if you are constantly moving other things out of the way in order to get to what you need at the time. Pull-out storage can be a real live saver for small kitchens, however it can…
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