Convert your Hallway into Kitchen Space

Author: PriceK

Potentially an outdated design

Hallways were very popular decades ago, where guests were more common and people had hats and coats to hang up. However, now we have designated cloakrooms and often our guests are pretty familiar with the rest of our home anyway. So why not convert that space into something a little more useful?

A little extra space goes a long way

It might seem like a waste of effort, to remove the wall separating your hallway from your kitchen, but just imagine how much more spacious that extra few feet would make your kitchen! Perhaps you could finally manage to add that all-purpose cooker? Or a beautiful dining table? The possibilities are endless.

Less cleaning, less lighting, more spacious

No more manoeuvring vacuum cleaners around awkwardly thin hallways, the integration of the hallway into the kitchen also combines the space to create a new ‘get-together point’ where guests can hang out and enjoy a cup of tea and a chat. You might also save a few pounds on lighting costs and cleaning costs as you just have one big room to worry about!

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